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Niva Flexi Prints is a leading manufacturer of printed, coated and laminated packaging materials serving the food, pharmaceutical and consumer durable industry. Whether you are a end user, co-packer, printing house or packager, Niva can provide you with materials that meet or exceed your specialized requirements.

From a simple one layer printed web to complex multi-ply laminations consisting of up to 5 layers, Niva can provide structures engineered to provide specific characteristics

Hot Seal Applications

Reflectivity value

Water Resistance


Shelf Life

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Food Packaging

Flexible food packaging is one of the largest and most popular forms of packaging. Food packages may require a simple PE coating for heat-sealing or a more complex structure incorporating barriers to protect the product and prolong shelf-life.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Examples of pharma packaging structures are:

- Foil-PE for packing tablets and capsules

- PE laminated paper

- All Type of pouches

- Glassine Poly

- Glassine / PE / Foil / Nucrel or Cerlyn

- PET-Foil-PE for Cough Lozenges, Wet tissues, Dry powder, ORS, Condoms etc.

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FMCG Products

Examples of FMCG products using Flexible packaging are:

- Washing powder

- Soap/Shampoo

- Incense Sticks

- Oil Pouches

- BOPP / PAPER / PE for Copier Paper

- Solventless Laminated MET PET / PAPER/ PE for TEA, Ghee Liners


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