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8 Color rotogravure printing with Auto registration control from industry leader for providing high quality printing machines Pelican Rotoflex, Rajkot India.
It is equipped with Auto registration system from Quadtech, U.S.A The accuracy of registration is upto ±20 micron which is way below industry standard of 50 Micron. This results in providing accurate printing on substrates.

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High speed Inspection machine to find and remove defects during printing if any.

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High speed Solventless lamination machine from inventor and worldwide leader of providing high quality solventless lamination and coating machine Nordmecanicca S.P.A, Italy.
This results in laminating upto 5 substrates with high bonding strength and without any speckling.

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High speed slitting machine from Pelican Rotoflex, Rajkot, India.

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Pouch Making

High speed pouch making machine for making accurate 3 side sealed and centre sealed pouch from XL plastics, Baroda, India.

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